You have surely seen little square codes popping up all over restaurants. QR codes have been making a comeback recently, and with new restrictions, they have been a useful tool for all kinds of small businesses. 

What is a QR Code? 

QR codes work by using a unique design, like a barcode on your grocery items, to take you to a digital link. This link can be directed to something online such as a web page, PDF file, or app. Most people now have a QR reader built right into the camera on their phones so they can pull up the information in a matter of seconds.

If you haven’t started utilizing these fantastic codes in your business here are 5 reasons to start:

1- View your menu anywhere. 

 Customers don’t need you to hand them a menu to make their mouth start watering. With a QR code, you can share it on flyers, business cards, social media, and more. Put a sign out where customers wait in line, or print stickers and put them on the tables. Customers can scan the code and view your menu on their mobile devices with ease.

 2- Keep it Clean

With new cleaning stipulations, it is crucial to meet health department requirements and keep your business flowing smoothly. With so many new protocols, wiping down menus is one thing you can avoid. Putting QR codes out for customers to scan makes things quick and with no menu to sanitize you and your staff have a little less to worry about.

3 – Save some green

Having a huge stack of double-sided full-color menus that are looked at for a moment then thrown in the trash is not the best solution to new health requirements. It’s pretty wasteful, and for a small business, it can get pretty expensive and tedious to get them printed and make sure you don’t run out. While it may be a good idea to have a few disposable menus for guests who need them, it will save two kinds of paper when you go from disposable to digital, and put it online.

4 – Keep it flexible

If you change your menu or prices it can be a pain to get new menus printed every time, or go through and mark out each price and update it. Digital menus make it easy to update and give your customers the accurate information they need.

5- Promote more than your menu

Since QR codes can be linked to all sorts of places, this gives you a great opportunity to promote more than just your food. Send customers to the menu page on your website where they can learn more about your business. Promote your rewards program, social media page, event, or app. Customers don’t want to see a ton of ads while they try and order food but using the opportunity to create recurring customers is a great addition to your marketing. Just don’t go overboard.

Going contactless is growing in popularity for a number of reasons, so make sure your business is keeping up. Luckily, it doesn’t have to break the bank to go digital. StreetBound can help you design a beautiful menu and host it online so you don’t have to worry about it. Get in touch and let’s get started! 


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