Planning an event is not an easy task. From weddings to meetings, when things start going awry it can be overwhelming to try and get things back on track.

Let’s be honest, we all look forward to food making any event better. Whether it is breakfast burritos at the monthly safety meeting or BBQ at your cousin’s party you are obligated to attend, it is usually the highlight.

Knowing that food can make or break an event can be stressful, especially when it is done on a tight time frame. Having a sketchy caterer back out at the last minute, or planning on short notice doesn’t have to be a day-ruiner.

Take the headache out of catering

Here are a few tips to help you with that last minute booking:

Keep it simple

In a last-minute booking, the idea of “less is more” can play in your favor. Instead of trying to get a big multi-course meal, find out what the caterer’s specialties are. Most caterers are good at a lot, and great at a certain something, so wow your guests with a spectacular main dish.

Reviews are your friend

As you search through Facebook and Google for new caterers, pay attention to the reviews. Just because you are in a bind, it doesn’t mean your standards have to go out the window. It can be hard to judge a catering company with only one review, (good or bad), so the more reviews it has the better you can gauge who you are hiring and avoid any new mishaps.

Know your budget

Last minute or not, many catering companies are able to help plan your menu based on your budget. Having a number in mind that you are comfortable spending can help both parties manage expectations.

Get it in writing

This could be the reason you are in a bind in the first place. When everything is over the phone it can be easy to change prices or back out at the last minute because there is nothing saying otherwise.

Take it from us, we know first-hand what it is like to be pulled around by a caterer only to have prices doubled 3 days before an event because they were beating around the bush when you wanted it in writing. Been there, dealt with that.

Make sure you get some sort of agreement with terms laid out.

Pro Tip: A reliable caterer will give you a written quote/invoice/proposal right away with terms clearly laid out. Many have contracts of their own. If you get in touch with someone like this you are likely in good hands.

Shake it up

Don’t think you have to get a sandwich pack just because you are in a bind. Take your catering up a notch and have a food truck at your event. Having fresh unique cuisine impresses your guest and the cost is competitive to what you would pay for regular catering. Food trucks can also set up for you inside just like a catering company so you get the best of both worlds.

Don’t even want to deal with the stress of booing catering? We feel ya. StreetBound takes care of all your catering woes by handling the details for you. If you are planning an event we’ll get you the quotes, handle the contracts, coordinate the details, and if for some reason your caterer backs out, you get your money back and we help you find a replacement.

#FeedYourCrowd without a headache and get started with no hassle booking now.

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